Think back about six or seven months, it is pretty hard to forget Fouad Siniora, the Lebanese Prime Minister, publicly breaking down as his people were being killed in large numbers and his country reduced to rubble during that month-long war against the Israelis. These days, Lebanon, particularly the capital, Beirut - a la Iraq - looks as though it's teetering on the brink of a civil war between its Sunnis and Shi'ites. Earlier today, George Negus spoke with Prime Minister Siniora from Beirut.


REV JESSE JACKSON INTERVIEW - Wednesday, 21st February, 2007

There is absolutely no doubt that the rave name in US politics right now is Barack Obama. The cynics here in the national capital refer to the 45-year-old Democratic contender for the White House as the rock star politician. And then suddenly, out of the blue, last week he also became John Howard's worst best friend. So who and what is Barack Obama? Could he be the first non-white American to take up residence in this very familiar piece of real estate behind me? Who better to ask than the still politically very active Jesse Jackson who himself tried to pull off that audacious trick twice back in the 1980s?


AL GORE INTERVIEW - Wednesday, 15th November, 2006

Back in September when he was last in this country, Al Gore likened John Howard to a 'flat-earther' on his pet subject of climate change. In fact he accused the Australian PM of being isolated on the whole issue. These days, though, it seems John Howard is no longer a complete sceptic. In fact, he's displaying the zeal of a fully-blown convert. Well, with conditions, that is! Having refused to sign the original Kyoto protocol, he's now promoting his own approach to climate change, including carbon emissions trading - the "New Kyoto", as he calls it. But the belated flurry of green rhetoric hasn't stopped him from having a go at Mr Gore. Yesterday, he said an 'Inconvenient Truth' - the former US vice-president's box office hit on climate change - was "alright" but didn't make the earth move for him. Earlier today, George Negus talked with Al Gore, back in Australia to train a 75-strong volunteer team of local 'Inconvenient Truth' messengers.



Federal Labor MP Michael Danby claims bias is, in fact, a cause for concern in Australian tertiary institutions, and one of his prime targets is the Centre for Middle East Studies at Sydney's Macquarie University. Well, earlier today, Dr Andrew Vincent, the centre's director, joined George Negus here in the studio to face his critic. George Negus began by referring to a parliamentary speech in which Michael Danby himself a Jew, accused Dr Vincent of imparting "endless one-sided propaganda" in his courses that examine the Middle East conflict. 


MARTIN WALKER INTERVIEW - Wednesday 8th November, 2006

With the polls closed in the US midterm elections - as predicted, voters have dealt a serious blow to an increasingly unpopular George Bush. Earlier this evening, George Negus spoke with Martin Walker, the editor of 'United Press International', in Washington, about the results in both houses of Congress and the ramifications.


BOB BROWN AND GREG HUNT INTERVIEW – Wednesday 1st November, 2006

Both overseas and in Australia this week it has been near impossible to turn on the television or radio or pick up a newspaper without hearing the loaded terms "global warming" and "climate change". They are definitely the hot ticket political items right now.

From the UK, the Stern Report delivered a dire warning about the economic consequences of global warming. Coincidentally or otherwise, the Howard government reacted by announcing that the world's biggest solar energy plant would be built in Victoria, suddenly found a lazy $60-million for clean energy projects and telegraphed plans for a "new Kyoto" after repeatedly dismissing the original and refusing to sign its protocol.

Meanwhile, a former UK environment minister has described Australia's approach as "sleepwalking to oblivion". So are we doing too little too late? Earlier this evening, George Negus put that question to Greg Hunt, the Federal Parliamentary Secretary for the Environment, and the Greens' Senator Bob Brown.


Please Note: More interviews will be added as time permits.