ROBERT REICH INTERVIEW - Wednesday 22nd August, 2007

The political bind that the Bush Administration is in is also becoming increasingly negative with the Republicans themselves squabbling over the need for an exit strategy. Recently in this country on a speaking engagement was Professor Robert Reich, formally a senior member of the Clinton Administration and now a sought after International commentator, and George Negus spoke with him from Adelaide, starting by asking him how come Iraq was such a boiling issue in the US right now but pretty much off the political radar here in Australia.


JOHN MARTINKUS INTERVIEW - Wednesday 22nd August, 2007

John Martinkus embedded with a bunch of obviously war-weary Americans on the Iraqi front line. Since John filmed, seven of the guys in that 82nd Airborne unit have gone very public with their stories in the International Herald Tribune. Among other things, they say claiming US troops are winning the war isfar-fetched, and to suggest they were in control of the battlefields in Iraq was a flawed American Senate assessment.


IMRAN KHAN INTERVIEW - Wednesday 15th August, 2007

Pakistan is in political turmoil. Far from the dream of peace and harmony of its traumatic birth as a separate Muslim identity back in 1947, for six decades Pakistan has been an unholy mess that many fear with India remains a time bomb waiting to explode. Even as it rumbles towards a national election later this year, a military dictator ship under Pervez Mushareff since 1989, it's recent history has been punctuated by rising Muslim extremism.

Some see it as the nursery of anti-western terrorism. Huge street protests against the increasingly unpopular dictator, the judicial backlash and threats of military intervention by its long time ally the US, if Pakistan won't take out al-Qaeda, it will or make for a particularly volatile mix. Now there is serious talk after a power sharing deal between Mushareff and the self exile former Prime Minister, Benazir Bhutto. Acknowledged as one of world cricket's greatest ever all-rounders, Imran Khan is no slouch when it comes to politics. These days he is an MP and leader of his own Movement for Justice party. Lately he has been extremely vocal on his country's precarious future so George Negus spoke to the legendary Lion of Lahore from Islamabad.


ISHMAEL BEAH INTERVIEW - Wednesday 8th August, 2007

In the West African nation of Sierra Leone, a special court recently found three members of the rebel armed forces guilty of war crimes. They each got 50 year sentences for the recruitment and use of child soldiers. The first convictions metered out by the UN backed tribunal for a hideous practice that's rife in conflicts around the world. Former child soldier Ishmael Beah is one of the lucky ones. He made it through the Sierra Leone conflict alive. His best selling memoir tracks his path to becoming, at 13, a drug-fuelled killer. Since his rehabilitation he has become something of a global poster boy for the UN and the whole issue. George Negus talked with Ishmael from New York along with Jo Becker, the Children's Rights Advocacy Director of International Body, Human Rights Watch.


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