JAMES WOLFENSOHN INTERVIEW - Wednesday 1st Nov., 2007

An Australian internationalist we probably don't hear enough from here at home. Depending on your level of scepticism, it may seem contradictory that a man with a personal fortune estimated at around $350 million has been called a spokesperson for the world's poor.

But that's how they described James Wolfensohn when he headed up the powerful, but hugely controversial World Bank. Of Jewish descent, a master networker not without his fierce critics, more recently the former Sydney lawyer and merchant banker, served as an envoy to the Middle East. George Negus spoke with him via satellite from New York.


DR SEIN WIN INTERVIEW - Wednesday 18th October, 2007

George Negus speaks with Doctor Sein Win, the Prime Minister of the National Coalition Government of the Union of Burma."


ISRAELS' ULTRA ORTHODOX - Thursday, 18 October, 2007

It seems that the unending conflict between the Israelis and the Palestinians is never out of the news, but there is another battle in the Jewish state that is far less obvious to outsiders.


THE POVERTY BUSTERS : Grameen Bank founder Dr Muhammad Yunus

 - Wednesday 3rd October, 2007

A quick turnaround, 24-hour window of opportunity, to be in the country of Bangladesh, for a very special reason, George Negus is actually in Dhaka, the capital of a cripplingly poor, disastrously flood-prone, and currently politically turbulent nation, for a very special reason.

Dhaka, by the way, is known as the rickshaw capital of the world. George can't imagine why. And we think we've got traffic problems. George has come to interview arguably one of Bangladesh's most famous sons, Dr Muhammad Yunus. But first this steamy teeming, troubled place, Bangladesh.


Please Note: More interviews will be added as time permits.