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George Negus

Foreign Correspondent interview:

George Negus

The original presenter of Foreign Correspondent reflects on how the program brings the world into Australians' lounge rooms. See the Video

George Negus



Kirsty Cockburn

How George Negus scored a moment of pure 'TV gold' with Margaret Thatcher

Nick Leys From: The Australian April 10, 2013


Journalists George Negus and Kirsty Cockburn have collaborated on several films, books & media consulting projects over the past 25 years, living and working between the Australian northern NSW coast and Sydney. They also spent 15 months living in San Giovanni Valdarno, Italy.

Negus Media International Pty Ltd was formed in 1988 to enable their independent media efforts and now, those of their two adult sons, Ned and Serge Negus.

George has just completed six years at the helm of SBS Televisions' flagship current affairs program, Dateline (*SBS website has further details), and during 2011, 6/630 with George Negus (*see TEN website).

An exceptional interviewee list (*see websites Interview Archive) and his passion for determining Australia's place in the world, has inspired The World From DownUnder published Nov 2010 by Harper Collins who also published our two other books The World From Islam and The World from Italy.


Reviews and Testimonials

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