...."We're incredibly proud of George and our 6.30 team, both in front of the cameras and behind the scenes. 6.30 has been a high quality, credible, and thought provoking news program for the network. The decision to discontinue 6.30 was a commercial one and in no way reflects on the quality of George, the program or the team. We are grateful to George for establishing and steering this bold experiment over the last 10 months." ...

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TEN News Media Release
Wednesday 19 October, 2011

Ten at Sixes and Sevens

TWELVE months ago, the Ten Network unveiled a far-reaching plan to fix the longstanding problems of its early-evening schedule......

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Paul Kalina
October 27, 2011

Ten turns it up to Eleven

The arrival of a new digital channel has sparked wholesale changes to one network's schedule.......

The manoeuvre may appear to be risky,.....

.....the head of programming, David Mott, insists the strategy is anything but. "It's going to take time and we're well aware of that," he says. "Don't underestimate our clear view that this strategy will not change. It's not a strategy we're moving back on." For years, Mott says, Ten has had a problem with its early evening line-up. While competitors Seven and Nine got the jump with audiences of 1million-and-counting for their nightly news and current affairs offerings.....

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Paul Kalina
January 10, 2011


Dear Sir/Madam

I am writing to say how fantastic I thought the George Negus at 6.30pm program was - much more interesting, edgy and watchable than any other tv news service.

...........George's steady, experienced hand on his news program - a real boon for Australian audiences.

What about running it later - up against Lateline?
Lateline can be very stodgy - I think you can give it a run for its

And 7 don't even try to present real current affairs, and SBS has some fine programs - Insight and Dateline but are not doing the same thing as GN at 6.30. (the day's topical stories with depth and breadth)

The ABC fare can sparkle but is often formulaic and a bit tired in
presentation energy.

Hoping you can use the talents of George and team somewhere in your lineup, as the dearth of any quality TV nowadays is regretable.

Here's to a new incarnation of one of the top, if not the top Current
Affairs producer presenters in the country.

Linda Baron

crikeyBye George (Negus), it wasn't that bad, just not enough viewers by Glenn Dyer

On ABC 702 yesterday afternoon after 4pm, host Richard Glover tried to get a discussion going about good journalism.... to read more

Negus Media InternationalA commercial challenge to the news comfort zone far Negus's show is watchably worthwhile.

Tim Dick
January 29, 2011