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Kirsty Cockburn

Photographs from the book are also available via Kirsty and this website in the Image Library.

The World from Islam

Muscat markets, Oman

 Valdarno - Italy

Piazza, San Giovanni
Valdarno (AR) Italia

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Kirsty Cockburn

The World from Islam

Only agreement from her husband permitted Kirsty to take this photo of an Omani woman and her children


Kirsty administers/manages Negus Media.


Kirsty and George's partnership has long extended to the professional with Kirsty's management of George's complex public and professional commitments via NMI. Their collaboration was a natural one. It followed her journalistic career spanning twenty years in print and television with national Australian media organizations including the Herald group and Channel NiTrev the truck book launchne.

Kirsty inherited NMI's business management: financing, executive production and marketing of several independent documentaries featuring George Negus. Together with George, she developed and wrote a series of Penguin-published children's books called Trev the Truck based in rural Australia.

All photographs including the cover of The World From Italy and The World From Islam were taken by Kirsty who also assists George with research and logistics.

Kirsty and Friends

Kirtsy and Friend's in Oman

"Although Negus on food and football animates the book with vivid colour, his descriptions are augmented by some superbly narrative photographs from his partner, journalist Kirsty Cockburn."

Canberra Sunday Times.

Career highlights include her award winning reporting of Southern Australia's devastating Ash Wednesday bushfires; mini-documentaries on The Midday Show; bureau correspondent and feature writer in several Australian states; and since 1984, her ongoing research of the life of pianist David Helfgott (subject of international movie, Shine).

Her current activities also include bush regeneration; an aniseed myrtle plantation, as well as work with community and educational (including Italian!) organizations.