CHERIE BLAIR INTERVIEW - Wednesday 28th May, 2008

Britain's former First Lady, Cherie Blair speaks exclusively with George Negus about her controversial autobiography.


GEORGE SOROS INTERVIEW - Wednesday, 27th April, 2005

Mr Soros tells George Negus he predicted the collapse of the US housing market in his last book in 2006.

"I could see the housing bubble bursting and I was aware of the basic flaws in the global financial system but I did not expect it to come to a head just now and as fast as it has", says Mr Soros.

Mr Soros says the super boom in the US was based on a continuing process of credit expansion.

"Ever since the end of the Second World War, credit has grown much faster than economic activity and that was the basis in reality..."


Narvik - The Tip of the Iceberg - Wednesday, 14 May, 2008

Despite boasting some of the majestic and most luscious sceneries in the world, the seaport town of 14,000 proves that international loan sharks hold no boundaries.

The local council were sold a 'loan lemon', by an Oslo-based brokerage company, Terra Securities - a company owned by 78 different banks including Citigroup.

Narvik suddenly found itself caught in a spiral of deceit and debt that's left its public services and utilities struggling to stay above water.


GARETH EVANS INTERVIEW - Friday 2nd May, 2008

This week Dateline catches up with former Australian Foreign Minister and head of the International Crisis group, Gareth Evans.


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